Roe Ecological Services biologists have the expertise and experience to help you successfully:

Our experience with prairie dogs, humane removals, relocation efforts, and mitigation planning spans over 15+ years and includes:

  • Drafting prairie dog management plans for multiple Colorado municipalities;
  • Helping our clients -- which include multiple Colorado private landowners and developers, Colorado municipalities and counties, and the Federal government -- find humane and ecologically responsible ways to mitigate for the loss of prairie dogs and other wildlife from their property;
  • Conducting multiple successful live wild-to-wild relocations across the Front Range of Colorado and in New Mexico;
  • Obtaining a grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to re-establish a viable population of black-tailed prairie dogs in Elbert County, Colorado and monitor, and scientifically document, the changes in use by Ferruginous Hawk, swift fox, Mountain Plover, Burrowing Owl, and pronghorn over the five years following re-establishment; and
  • Drafting multiple reports and scientific journal articles regarding prairie dog relocation and management.

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In addition, prairie dog management can be a highly sensitive and emotionally charged topic, particularly in certain locations. Many jurisdictions may also require permits and/or compliance with regulations and laws for certain management actions. Roe Ecological Services has experience working with all of these issues and can help you navigate not only the logistical complexities that attend certain projects, but can also help you address any public relations issues that may arise.

Prairie Dog Management