Need to know how many prairie dogs are on your property,

how to effectively manage them, or determine your mitigation options?

Roe Ecological Services can conduct a prairie dog assessment to determine the number and extent of prairie dogs on your property, identify whether other prairie dogs could immigrate to your property in the future, determine your management alternatives, and recommend mitigation options if you need to remove all or a portion of the colony.

Surveys and Assessments for Associated Species or Other Wildlife

You may need to consider impacts to other species of wildlife, whether in conjunction with a construction or energy development project, or because of the removal of the prairie dogs. Roe Ecological Services can help you determine whether any of these species exist, or are likely, on your property and can help you develop management and mitigation strategies to avoid unnecessary (and sometimes unlawful) adverse impacts to these species.

- Western Burrowing Owl

For instance, the Western Burrowing Owl is a grassland bird that nests in underground burrows, relying almost completely upon fossorial mammals, such as prairie dogs, to excavate these burrows. Like most other birds, this owl and its eggs and active nests are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 as amended (16 U.S.C. §§ 703-712). the Western Burrowing Owl is also listed as a threatened species in the state of Colorado. If prairie dogs are present on a site, a burrowing owl survey should be conducted if there will be any activity that will destroy the burrow system or could otherwise disturb any nesting owls (i.e., construction/grading work) during its nesting season (i.e., generally between March 15 and October 31).

ROE can conduct burrowing owl surveys in conjunction with any of our other prairie dog management services OR a la carte if you have chosen instead to only fumigate/poison the colony. In the later case, it is arguably even more important to conduct a survey to ensure these state and federally protected species are not killed or adversely impacted.

For more information on our Wildlife Impact Assessments, please go HERE.

Prairie Dog Assessments and Management Plans