Our biologists have helped folks with nearly every aspect of wildlife management, including:

  • Helping clients and stakeholders understand the biology and behavior of the wildlife species they want to assess or manage;
  • Conducting habitat and population analysis and monitoring, including wetland delineations;
  • Performing threatened and endangered species assessments and evaluations;
  • Consulting with local, state and federal agencies regarding threatened, endangered or sensitive species, and/or wetland/habitat issues;
  • Creating management plans for prairie dogs, white-tailed deer, elk, and more; 
  • Developing mitigation solutions and adaptive management strategies; and
  • Identifying stakeholders and developing public relations strategies for controversial species or projects.

If you have wildlife or habitat you need assessed, managed, and/or mitigated, we can help!

Professional Wildlife Management and Consulting Services

Our Proprietors

Chris Roe

Chris is a degreed wildlife biologist whose repertoire of knowledge and experience includes at a minimum big game and upland bird wildlife presence/absence surveys, animal behavior and assessment of effects on/from management prescriptions, vegetation identification, riparian ecology, noxious weed management, and rangeland management. Chris also has a history of cooperative working relationships -- including routinely assisting municipalities and county governments develop and implement Open Space Management plans -- and is known for his ability to work with diverse groups on natural resources conservation and management issues.

Kelly Roe

Kelly is also a degreed wildlife biologist who previously worked for the Colorado Division of Wildlife (now Colorado Parks and Wildlife), the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. For the past 20+ years, Kelly has conducted a wide variety of black-tailed prairie dog and shortgrass prairie research and management projects. She also has considerable experience with wildlife impact assessments, threatened and endangered species' biological assessments and evaluations for compliance with the Endangered Species Act, vegetation identification, riparian ecology, rangeland management, and wetland delineation. Further, many of Kelly's projects involve highly controversial species or projects, allowing Kelly to demonstrate her talent for navigating complex social issues while still ensuring that management of wildlife and natural systems adhere to sound scientific principles. Finally, Kelly also earned her juris doctor and graduated with highest honors in 2011.

Experienced and Knowledgeable

We have a combined 30+ years' experience providing scientifically and politically defensible wildlife management and consulting services for municipalities, county governments, state and federal agencies, private developers, energy companies, and farmers/ranchers.

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