About RES

RES Experience Overview
Our biologists strive to be in the forefront of wildlife and habitat research and management.  We have built a solid reputation in nearly every aspect of wildlife management:  biology, behavior, habitat analysis and monitoring, population analysis and monitoring, associated species identification and management, stakeholder identification and public process, impact mitigation, and development of adaptive management strategies.  We are also leaders in the application of practical management techniques.

Our firm’s reputation is built upon the following:

  • Field experience with numerous species and various habitats;
  • Independent and collaborative work experience with municipalities, county governments, state and federal agencies, private developers, and suburban and rural ranchers, to determine impacts and develop and implement management strategies for wildlife species and their habitat;
  • Publication of multiple peer-reviewed and peer-edited scientific journal articles, educational articles and documents on wildlife biology, ecology, habitat characteristics, field survey methodology, population analysis, and monitoring techniques; and
  • Membership in numerous working groups and advisory committees.

Comprehensive Approach

RES is one of the only companies led by Certified Wildlife Biologists that incorporates into its assessments and management prescriptions (1) considerations pertaining to both the biology and behavioral ecology of wildlife species, (2) modern range and weed science, and (3) modern wildlife and vegetative management principles.  Our understanding of the interplay between these aspects of natural resources management is what separates our assessments from those of many other firms.  RES produces assessments that reflect the actual habitat characteristics of a given area in light of its long-term conservation or management potential.  It is only by means of this type of assessment that a decision-maker can develop effective conservation and management strategies—strategies that not only yield positive, practical results on the ground, but that are scientifically defensible. 

We believe that RES is one of the few consultants that routinely develops the type of baseline habitat inventory, technical evaluation, and analysis of results that ensures the long-term success of management recommendations, whether in terms of biological or political realities. 

RES Proprietors
  Christopher Roe
Chris Roe
  • Professionally Certified Wildlife Biologist
  • Animal Behavior Specialist
  • Big Game Management Specialist
  • Primos Hunting Calls Prostaff member
  • PSE/AR/Browning Archery Prostaff member
  • Chairmain of the Colorado Wildlife Advisory Council
  • Vice-Chair of Public Relations for the Colorado Bowhunter's Association
  Chris' repertoire of knowledge and experience includes at a minimum big game and upland bird wildlife presence/absence surveys, animal behavior and effects on/from management prescriptions, vegetation identification, riparian ecology, noxious weed management, and rangeland management. Chris also has a history of cooperative working relationships - routinely assisting municipalities and County governments throughout Colorado with the development and implementation of Open Space Management plans - and is known for his ability to work with diverse groups on natural resources conservation and management issues.
  Kelly Roe
Kelly Roe
  • Professionally Certified Wildlife Biologist
  • Juris Doctor; graduated with highest honors
  Kelly has conducted a wide variety of black-tailed prairie dog and shortgrass prairie research and management projects. She also has considerable knowledge experience in threatened and endangered species' biological assessments and evaluations for compliance with the Endangered Species Act, vegetation identification, riparian ecology, rangeland management, and wetland delineation. Further, the majority of Kelly's projects involve highly controversial species or systems, allowing Kelly to demonstrate her talent for navigating complex social issues while still ensuring that management of wildlife and natural systems adhere to sound scientific principles.



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